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Alcolock implementation in the European Union. Deliverable D-2: Description, results and discussion of the alcolock field trial.
C 37488 [electronic version only]
Silverans, P. Alvarez, J. Assum, T. Drevet, M. Evers, C. Hagman, R. & Mathijssen, M.P.M.
Brussels, European Commission, Directorate-General for Transport and Energy (TREN), 2006, 184 p., 74 ref.

Samenvatting The present report presents the methodology and the results of an in-depth qualitative field trial on alcolocks in four European countries. Together with the field trial, a literature review was conducted aimed at identifying factors influencing acceptance, implementation, participation and compliance. The results of the literature review are complementary to those of the field trial. The aim of the trial was to study the psychological, sociological, behavioural and practical impact of alcolocks on five groups of thirty drivers (Spanish and Norwegian public transport drivers, German goods transport drivers, Belgian offenders and Belgian alcohol dependent patients). Alcolocks were installed in these drivers' vehicles for a period of one year. The first devices were installed in October 2004, and because the installation dates differed within and between national trials, the last devices were removed in February 2006. Before, during, and after this period, the participants’ attitudes towards drinking, driving and drink driving were investigated by means of questionnaire-based interviews and compared to the data recorded by the alcolock. After the twelve-month period samples of related subjects of these groups (respectively passengers, company management staff and persons living together with the driver for the last two groups) were also interviewed. All together these data allowed an in-depth exploration of driver's real life experiences with alcolocks in a European context. A judgement with regard to the need to implement alcolocks in any of these contexts was neither intended nor formulated, as this evaluation should depend on cost-benefit analyses of the effects of the alcolock and on other aspects that are beyond the scope of the present study. The conclusions and recommendations resulting from this project exclusively pertain to what factors should be taken into account once the decision to install alcolocks has been taken. (Author/publisher)
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