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Alcohol interlock programs : pushing back the frontiers : proceedings of the fifth international symposium on alcohol ignition interlock programs, Tempe, Arizona, October 24-26, 2004.
C 37395 [electronic version only]
Beirness, D.J. & Robertson, R.D.
Ottawa, Ontario, Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), 2005, II + 60 p., 44 ref. - ISBN 0-920071-52-X

Samenvatting The overall purpose of the ignition interlock symposium is to provide a forum for researchers, program specialists, vendors, policy makers and others to learn from each other about the latest developments, strategies, and tactics and to discuss current and emerging issues in interlock programs. In keeping with this purpose, the theme of the fifth international symposium was “Pushing Back the Frontiers” and was intended to challenge participants to find novel ways to enhance the value of interlock programs. This document provides a summary of each of the presentations at the symposium. The symposium opened with a session on alcohol rehabilitation programs and how they can be successfully integrated with interlock programs to enhance and extend the beneficial impact. This was followed by sessions on innovations in interlock programs, testing and certification issues, the implications of TEA-21 for interlock programs, a update on new and innovative interlock programs around the world, and an update on interlock research. (Author/publisher)
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