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The prevalence of drug driving and relative risk estimations : a study conducted in The Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom : IMMORTAL (Impaired Motorists, Methods of Roadside Testing and Assessment for Licensing) Deliverable R4.2.
C 37227 [electronic version only]
Assum, T. Mathijssen, M.P.M. Houwing, S. Buttress, S.C. Sexton, B. Tunbridge, R.J. & Oliver, J.
[Leeds, University of Leeds, School of Psychology], 2005, X + 95 p., 17 ref.

Samenvatting In recent years, the number of drivers who drive while under the influence of drugs has been increasing. Previous studies of the presence of drugs in the samples obtained from road traffic accident fatalities have shown that a significant proportion of fatally injured drivers have drugs in their body. This present study of the prevalence of drugs in the driving population forms part of a larger, Europe-wide investigation of the impact of drugs, medications and medical conditions have on road safety. This research programme, known as the IMMORTAL project (Impaired Motorists, Methods of Roadside Testing and Assessment for Licensing) investigates the accident risk associated with different types of driver impairment and examines the implication for licensing assessment and roadside impairment testing (including drug screening). The present study's intention was to examine, in three European countries, Netherlands, Norway and UK (Scotland), whether drivers using one or more of eight defined drug groups have a higher accident risk than drivers not using these drugs; and to as far as possible quantify this risk. The study in the Netherlands included testing of an observational method for detecting drug-impaired drivers. Further information about IMMORTAL can be found on the website see http://www.immortal.or.at/ (Author/publisher)
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