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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe (ADASE), Deliverable D2D : roadmap.
C 37214 [electronic version only]
Ehmanns, D. & Spannheimer, H.
[Brussels, DaimlerChrysler AG], 2004, V + 17 p.

Samenvatting The roadmap shows the future research activities of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe. It bases on discussions between the experts of the ADASE 2 project partners and results of the ADASE2 thematic workshops and concertation meetings. This process leads to a matrix, which shows the research projects and the interdependencies between system functionality and complexities concerning different aspects. The derived matrix reveals the complexities of the technological, societal and legal aspects related to the various systems. The contribution to the guessed safety enhancement is mentioned. Thus, technological gaps and future research needs can be identified in the given overview. The website of the ADASE 2 project with all the products of this project can be found at http://www.ADASE2.net. (Author/publisher)
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