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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe (ADASE), Deliverable D2C : state of policy in ADASE
C 37213 [electronic version only]
Ostyn, G. & Gendre, P.
[Brussels, DaimlerChrysler AG], 2004, V + 40 p., 14 ref.

Samenvatting Advanced Driving Assistance Systems deployment does not systematically call for a priori intervention of national governments. However, if for example the member states and public authorities in general want to avoid an uncontrolled proliferation of embarked applications such as internet access and office workplace, which are likely to augment drivers’ distraction and go against road safety objectives, they will need to intervene according to an established policy. On the other hand, ADAS developers, in particular car and in-car quipment manufacturers, need to solicit the public authorities with respect to many aspects, and also to better understand the positions of the member states. With this need in mind, of a necessary co-ordination so as to foster sustainable ADAS developments, has the ADASE2 consortium ADASE2 has designed a policy questionnaire to the member-states, contacted many national decision makers and experts, and analysed their views, so as to complete the present document. The recommendations proposed to the member states who wish to adopt a global policy with respect to Advanced Driving Assistance Systems are presented. The website of the ADASE 2 project with all the products of this project can be found at http://www.ADASE2.net. (Author/publisher)
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