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Inquiry into driver distraction : report of the Road Safety Committee on the inquiry into driver distraction.
C 36909 [electronic version only]
Road Safety Committee RSC; Trezise, I. (chair)
Melbourne, Victoria, Parliament of Victoria, Road Safety Committee RSC, 2006, XVIII + 200 p., 250 ref.; Parliamentary Paper No. 209 Session 2003-2006 - ISBN 0-975-1534-2-0

Samenvatting The Parliament of Victoria’s Road Safety Committee has released a report that examines the role of driver distraction in causing crashes. The report explores the prevalence of mobile telephone use by drivers and its impact on crash causes; the prevalence of in-car video devices, and their effect on drivers and impact on crash causes; and the types of other devices and activities, both inside and outside the vehicle, that may distract a driver’s attention from the driving task and lead to unsafe driving. The report also reviews the suitability and enforceability of existing laws concerning the use of mobile telephones and other electronic devices by drivers; and the possible need for change to legislation or statutory requirements to implement any recommendations made as a result of the inquiry. (Author/publisher)
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