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Young drivers : the road to safety.
C 36872 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E130375

Paris, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD / European Conference of Ministers of Transport ECMT / CEMT, Joint OECD/ECMT Transport Research Centre, 2006, 260 p., 513 ref. - ISBN 92-821-1334-5

Samenvatting Internationally, young drivers are vastly over-represented in road crash fatality and injury statistics. This problem exacts great social and economic costs. Indeed, dealing with the high levels of young driver risk is an essential element of any campaign to reduce the impact of road traffic on human health. However, while the causes of this problem are well known – and are related principally to inexperience, age and gender – a major challenge remains in identifying and implementing appropriate countermeasures. This research report is the result of two years of effort by a group of experts in the field of road safety. The report focuses on the following issues: Chapter 1: Analysis of the extent of the problem, and the main factors behind it; as well as consideration of economic impacts. Chapter 2: An overview of knowledge about why young people experience higher levels of traffic crashes and injuries. Chapter 3: Assessment of the main countermeasures. Chapter 4: Potential new countermeasures, including technology applications. Chapter 5: A policy-oriented, strategic approach to addressing young driver risk. Chapter 6: Managing the implementation of effective countermeasures, including addressing expected barriers to change. Chapter 7: The young driver problem in countries at different stages of development and levels of motorisation. Chapter 8: Conclusions and recommendations of the report. Annex A: An overview of different countries’ driver licensing systems. Annex B: A listing of participants in the project. French title: Jeunes conducteurs : La voie de la securite (see ITRD F112090).
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