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Illicit drugs and driving.
C 36604 [electronic version only]
Myant, K. Hope, S. McIntosh, J. O’Brien, T. McKeganey, N. & Stradling, S.
Edinburgh, Scottish Executive, 2006, 61 p.; Transport Research Series - ISSN 0950-2254 / ISBN 0-7559-6092-0 (Web only publication)

Samenvatting The Scottish Road Safety Campaign (the SRSC changed its name to Road Safety Scotland in October 2005 and the new title will be used throughout the remainder of this report) and the Scottish Executive commissioned a team comprising MORI Scotland, the Centre for Drugs Misuse Research at Glasgow University and Professor Steve Stradling of Napier University’s Transport Research Institute to conduct research to investigate the prevalence and social context of drug driving. In particular, this research was aimed at providing the Scottish Executive and Road Safety Scotland with a deeper understanding of the incidence of drug driving and the context in which it occurs. The research consisted of a survey of 17-39 year old drivers and qualitative interviews with problem drug users, recreational drug users and people who had been passengers of drug drivers. (Author/publisher)
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