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A safe roading environment for children : the identification of factors contributing to crashes involving children as pedestrians and cyclists in The Netherlands and New Zealand.
C 36516 (In: C 36507) [electronic version only] /83 /72 / ITRD E213665
Tutert, E.
In: IPENZ Transportation Group Technical Conference papers 2004, Wellington, New Zealand, 8 September 2004, 12 p.

Samenvatting A research study in The Netherlands identified the factors and road conditions that contribute to crashes involving children. The study was aimed at children from 4 to 12 years old (primary school) who were pedestrians or cyclists. Analysis of crash data and field research determined a relationship between road conditions and crashes. It was concluded that residential streets with a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour were 3 times safer than streets with a 50 kilometres per hour speed limit. Some other unsafe situations identified in the study were pedestrian crossings, one way residential streets, streets with on street parking and roads with objects blocking visibility. The New Zealand crash data for children in the age group from 4 to 12 years, travelling as a pedestrian or cyclist, show similarities to the Dutch data. (Author/publisher) For the covering entry of this conference, please see ITRD abstract no. E213656.
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