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Does the type of exposure to a roadside sobriety checkpoint influence driver perceptions regarding drunk driving?
C 36085 [electronic version only]
Beck, K.H. & Moser, M.L.
American Journal of Health Behavior, Vol. 30 (2006), No. 3 (May-June), p. 268-277, 16 ref.

Samenvatting The objective of this study was to determine if the type of exposure to roadside sobriety checkpoints is related to vulnerability of being stopped by the police for drinking and driving. Random household telephone surveys were conducted over 3 years. Personally exposed drivers had lower perceptions of vulnerability than did drivers who knew a family member who had been stopped. Exposed drivers who also had a family member and an acquaintance that had been stopped had higher perceptions of vulnerability. Direct exposure to a checkpoint appears to lower perceptions of risk than if one has had only indirect exposure (ie, family or friends). (Author/publisher)
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