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A review of the skid resistance investigatory levels for New Zealand.
C 35963 (In: C 35948 CD-ROM) /23 / ITRD E212721
Cook, D. Donbavand, J. & Kennedy, C.
In: Towards sustainable land transport conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 21-24 November 2004, 21 p.

Samenvatting Transit New Zealand commissioned a review of the skid resistance investigatory levels to determine if the current levels provided an acceptable and standardised level of risk over the New Zealand road network. In addition, similar studies recently have been undertaken in Scotland and Wales where traffic levels and road alignments are similar to New Zealand and the results of these studies have been incorporated within the review. The results from the three studies are interesting. For some sites, there are significant relationships of association between skid resistance and crashes, whereas for others, the relationship appears to be masked by non-skidding related variables where, for example, high skid resistant materials have been laid as a palliative at accident black-spots rather than addressing the root cause. Nevertheless, it is clear that benefits are likely to result from increasing some investigatory levels. (a) For the covering entry of this conference, please see ITRD abstract no. E212706.
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