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The effect of cross-sectional geometry on heavy vehicle performance and safety.
C 35872 [electronic version only] /91 /82 / ITRD E212823
Milliken, P. & De Pont, J.
Wellington, Transfund New Zealand, 2005, 46 p., 14 ref.; Transfund New Zealand Research Report ; No. 263 - ISSN 1174-0574 / ISBN 0-478-25374-5

Samenvatting This study done between July 2003 and June 2004 set out to use relationships between cross-sectional geometry and heavy vehicle performance to estimate the effect of road geometry on heavy vehicle crash risk. It used computer simulation and engineering analyses to determine these effects with three vehicle types: a tractor-semi-trailer, a B-train and a truck-trailer rig. The study found the areas with potential for significant benefits to be: banking in curves, seal width and shoulder treatments, and cross-slope due to camber. The findings should be useful for black spot analysis because the road-geometry features which are likely to influence the risk of particular types of crash are identified. (Author/publisher)
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