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The effects of trait driving anger, anonymity, and aggressive stimuli on aggressive driving behavior.
C 35701 [electronic version only]
Ellison-Potter, P. Bell, P. & Deffenbacher, J.L.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 31 (2001), No. 2, p. 431-443, 33 ref.

Samenvatting The authors examined the effects of trait driving anger, aggressive stimuli, and anonymity on aggressive driving behaviour in a driving simulation task. High and low driving anger participants were randomly assigned to one of four conditions: (a) anonymous versus identifiable driver; and (b) exposure to aggressive stimuli versus nonaggressive stimuli. Participants drove more aggressively when they were anonymous (d = .28) and exposed to aggressive stimuli (d = .05). Males drove more aggressively than did females (d = .06). No main or interaction effects were found for trait driving anger. Results suggest that situational factors affecting other forms of aggression are also important in aggressive driving. (A)
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