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Convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity of aggressive driving inventories : they drive as they live.
C 35696 [electronic version only]
Rooy, D.L. van Rotton, J. & Burns, T.M.
Aggressive Behavior, Vol. 32 (2006), No. 2 (February), p. 89-98, 54 ref.

Samenvatting The authors hypothesized that aggressive driving is indicative of a more general trait that leads individuals to behave aggressively in different situations. This hypothesis was tested by having 85 male and 237 female undergraduates complete the Aggression Questionnaire, three measures of aggressive driving (the Driver Anger Scale, Driver Vengeance Questionnaire, and Driving Behavior Inventory), and questions about violating traffic laws. High correlations among the aggressive driving inventories provided evidence for the convergent validity, but a confirmatory factor analyses raised questions about the discriminant validity of aggressive driving inventories. The inventories did not attain significance in hierarchical analyses of traffic violations that controlled for gender, driving experience, and measures of trait aggression. It is concluded that there is little unique about aggressive driving and that individuals drive as they live. (Author/publisher)
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