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Guidelines to black spot management : identification and handling.
C 35427 CD-ROM

Brussels, European Union Road Federation (ERF), 2003, CD-ROM

Samenvatting With the financial support of the European Commission, the ERF has undertaken a unique research effort on dangerous road sections, leading to a practical, must-have tool for road authorities and transport practitioners. Highlights of the publication: # 650 pages of research presented under a reader-friendly format, # A compilation of proven methodologies for the identification of Black Spots, # Description of road safety inspection pilot exercises, # Extensive checklists for road safety auditors, Good practice case studies of low cost remedial measures. The project "Guidelines to Black Spot Management: Identification and Handling" aims to provide the European Union with a mean to improve infrastructural road safety on the European Union's road networks. These guidelines are aimed at the European institutions as a guideline to manage stretches of road with a high occurrence of accident black spots. The guidelines are envisioned for use at European level but also, as the European Union's recommendations to national, regional and local road authorities. The project's action 1 has been the development of a definition of the black spot concept. After six months of work, the ERF experts delivered to the European Commission a report providing recommendations for a Europe-wide definition of what constitutes a black spot. (Author/publisher)
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