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Who uses safe ride programs : an examination of the dynamics of individuals who use a safe ride program instead of driving home while drunk.
C 35290 [electronic version only]
Sarkar, S. Andreas, M. & Faria, F. de
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Vol. 31 (2005), No. 2 (May), p. 305-325, 16 ref.

Samenvatting Drinking and driving are still a serious concern on the roads, even though the last twenty years has seen an increase in exposure to various designated driver programs. Even though a majority of people have either been one or used one, most designated drivers have still consumed some alcohol. Another option is that of an outside driver, such as a safe ride program in which a safe ride is offered for free by taxis or volunteers. One such program under study, offers a ride home for both the driver as well as their vehicle. To examine the population who utilizes such a program two studies were conducted which included 1,985 participants (1206 male, 744 female) from two major California cities. The volunteer drivers gathered data during their rounds between January 2002 and September 2002. If the current safe ride program not been in place 632 Participants (44%) reported that they would have driven themselves home. 582 participants (40%) have used back roads in the past to evade being stopped by the police; on average they used back roads 3.4 times in the past month. When questioned about having control over not drinking and driving 455 (32%) participants didn't feel they had control over their choice to avoid drinking and driving. Participants who reported having driven back roads in the past to avoid confrontation with the police after drinking had significantly higher estimated BAC levels than those who said they had never done so. This sample reflected similar populations. (Author/publisher)
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