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Detailed investigation and reconstructions of real accidents involving vulnerable road users.
C 35240 (In: C 35229 S) [electronic version only] /84 / ITRD E213156
Serre, T. Bohn, M. Llari, M. Cavallero, C. & Perrin, F.C.
In: 1st International Conference on ESAR `Expert Symposium on Accident Research' : reports on the ESAR-conference on 3rd/4th September 2004 at Hannover Medical School, Berichte der Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen `Fahrzeugtechnik', Heft F 55, p. 114-124, 17 ref.

Samenvatting The aim of this research is to improve knowledge about vulnerable road users accidents and more specifically pedestrians or cyclists. This work has been based on a complete analysis of real accidents. From accidents chosen from an in-depth multidisciplinary investigation (psychology, technical, medical), we have tried to identify the configuration of the impact: car speed, pedestrian or cyclist orientations. Then, we have made a numerical modelling of the same configuration with a multibody software. In particular, we have reproduced the anthropometry of the victim and the front shape of the car. A first simulation has been performed on this starting configuration. Next, effects of some parameters such as car velocity or victim position at impact have been numerically studied in order to find the best correlations with all indications produced by the in-depth analysis. Finally, the retained configuration was close to the presumed real accident conditions because it reproduces in particular the same impact points on the car, the same injuries, and is according to the driver statement. This double approach associating an in-depth accident analysis and a numerical simulation has been applied on pedestrian-to-car and bicyclist-to-car accidents. It has allowed us to better understand the real kinematics of such impacts. Even if this method is based on a case to case study, it underlines which parameters are relevant on a vulnerable road user accident investigation and reconstruction. (A) Paper to the 1st International ESAR Conference on 3rd/4th September 2004 at Hannover Medical School (Germany), Session: Vulnerable Road Users. For the covering abstract see ITRD D355457.
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