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Illicit drugs and fitness to drive : assessment in Spanish Medical Driving Test Centres.
C 35050 [electronic version only]
del Río, M.C. & Álvarez, F.J.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Vol. 64 (2001), No. 1 (September), p. 19-25, 17 ref.

Samenvatting This study investigated the incidence of problems related to illicit drugs and fitness to drive among 8043 Spanish drivers assessed in 25 Medical Driving Test Centres at national level. In accordance with Spanish and European Union legislation, driving licences cannot be issued or renewed to people suffering from illicit drug-related problems. A small percentage (0.3%; n=24) of drivers interviewed had problems relating to drug use (abuse, dependence and induced disorders) and half of them (n=12) were also diagnosed as having problems with alcohol. Drivers with illicit drug-related problems were more often involved in road accidents and committed more traffic infractions during the last year (33.3%, n=8, and 79.2%, n=19, respectively) than those without problems related to illegal drug taking (12.3%, n=986, and 9.3%, n=748, respectively). Of drivers with drug problems 70.8% (n=17) were considered fit to drive. The results show that the incidence of drug-related problems is rare among Spanish drivers, and that in three out of four cases drivers with drug-related problems were considered fit to drive. (Author/publisher)
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