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A design guideline and evaluation framework to determine the relative safety of in-vehicle intelligent transportation systems for older drivers.
C 34449 [electronic version only] /91 / IRRD E200700
Caird, J.K. Chugh, J.S. Wilcox, S. & Dewar, R.E.
Montreal, Quebec, Transport Canada, Transportation Development Centre TDC, 1998, XIV + 150 + 32 p., 458 ref.; Publication ; TP 13349(E)

Samenvatting The purpose of this project was to develop a design guideline and evaluation framework that can be used to evaluate intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications for older drivers. A number of topics are reviewed that contribute to understanding older drivers; they include transportation ergonomics, driver fatalities and injuries, visual and attentional limitations, compensentory behaviour, and technology usage. The specific ITS technology examined is vision enhancement systems (VES), which have the potential to assist drives at night to see roadway markings, fixed objects, and pedestrians. A state-of-the-art human factors review of infrared (IVES) and ultraviolet (UVES) vision enhancement systems is provided. In addition, guidelines that apply to the development of VES and designing for older drivers are listed. Also discussed are the contribution of human factors design guidelines and evaluation methods and measures for determining the relative safety of in-vehicle applications. (Author/publisher)
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