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Prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse among injured drivers presenting to the emergency department of the University Hospital of Modena, Italy.
C 34241 [electronic version only]
Giovanardi, D. Castellana, C.N. Pisa, S. Poppi, B. Pinetti, D. Bertolini, A. & Ferrari, A.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Vol. 80 (2005), No. 1 (October 1), p. 135-138, 15 ref. [prepublish version]

Samenvatting Among those drivers responsible for injury-producing traffic crashes in a town of northern Italy (Modena) and its surrounding territory, we evaluated the percentage that was positive for alcohol or other drugs affecting CNS function. A total of 115 crash-responsible injured drivers (90 males and 25 females) consecutively presenting to the emergency department at the University Hospital of Modena were enrolled. A urine sample was requested from each driver; the presence of alcohol or drugs was detected by means of various procedures (enzyme immunoassay, liquid or gas chromatography, mass spectrometry). Among the 115 enrolled drivers, 46 (40%) were positive for at least one drug and/or alcohol. Of these 46 drivers, 66% were positive for a single drug, 25% for two drugs, 9% for three or more drugs. Recent use of marijuana was found most frequently (19% out of the total 115 enrolled drivers), surpassing alcohol (10%), amphetamines (7%) and cocaine (6%); 11 drivers (about 10%) tested positive for benzodiazepines. The majority of drivers positive for benzodiazepines were 41-70 years old, while most drivers positive for alcohol or other drugs were 21-40 years old. Thirty-nine (85%) of the positive injured drivers were males and seven (15%) were females. The present data confirm that a significant percentage of injury-producing traffic crashes involves drivers who are under the influence of drugs of abuse, alcohol, or other drugs affecting the CNS. (Author/publisher)
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