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Anger, aggression, and risky behavior in high anger drivers.
C 33984 [electronic version only]
Deffenbacher, J.L. Richards, T.L. & Lynch, R.S.
In: Focus on Aggression Research, 2004, ISBN 1-59454-132-9, p. 115-156, 43 ref.

Samenvatting In the last decade or so, the media has drawn attention to incidents involving angry, aggressive drivers and “road rage.” Driver Shot after Heated Exchange, Wild Chase Results in Death of Two Angry Motorists, Motorist and Bicyclist Get into Fisticuffs….. All too often these have been the lead ins to the day’s news. Newspapers, magazines, and television have been filled with examples of drivers who have engaged in aggressive, threatening, risky, dangerous, even lethal behavior. While these examples are often the most extreme, nearly every driver can identify with them. Nearly all of us have been endangered by erratic, impulsive behavior of an angry driver and have seen relatively minor incidents escalate into angry, aggressive exchanges. Most of us know otherwise reasonable individuals until they have a set of car keys in their hands. Then, like Jekyl and Hyde, the smallest of things goes wrong, and this, otherwise calm, person changes into an angry tyrant, yelling, swearing, gesturing wildly and obscenely, perhaps intimidating aggressively with his/her vehicle, becoming an embarrassment to him/herself and a menace not only to their passengers and those who share the road with them. (Author/publisher)
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