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Research on alcolock implementation in the European Union.
C 33675 [electronic version only]
Alvarez, J. & Vanlaar, W.
Addiction, Vol. 100 (2005), No. 1 (January), p. 136, 1 ref.

Samenvatting The alcolock, or breath-activated alcohol ignition lock, has been available for several decades. Before the driver is allowed to turn on the ignition he or she has to take a breath test in order to check their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If the breath test reveals a BAC above the predetermined threshold level, the alcolock is activated and it is impossible to start the car. The device is used mainly in the USA and Canada (with an estimated 65,000 devices in use in North America as of the year 2000). Their main use has been with offenders convicted of driving under the influence. (Author/publisher) See also C 21413 (ITRD E206507).
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