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An advanced concept for integrated driver assistance systems.
C 31331 (In: C 31321 CD-ROM) /72 / ITRD E823759
Mayser, C.
In: ITS - enriching our lives : proceedings of the 9th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Chicago, Illinois, October 14-17, 2002, 10 p.

Samenvatting Driver Assistance Systems have been a focal point of automotive research over the last two decades. Today, the driver of a modern vehicle is already assisted in different aspects of the driving task by various technical systems. In the beginning, the industry concentrated on finding technical solutions for these systems. At present, the need lies in reducing the driver's strain whilst increasing the driving safety and acceptance of assistance systems in various traffic situations and for a wide range of users. The project S.A.N.T.O.S (Situations-angepasste und Nutzer-Typ-zentrierte Optimierung von Systemen zur Fahreruntersttzung /Situation-adapted and User-type Optimized Driver Assistance Systems) aimed to fulfill these requirements by developing an adaptive assistance system and investigated and implemented an individual, situation specific and integrated concept for driver assistance. This paper presents the first steps towards an adaptive and integrated driver assistance system. Traffic density is rising due to a constantly increasing number of vehicles combined with an infrastructure that is not growing equivalently. Therefore the driving task today has become more and more difficult. Further, the additional distraction of the driver through the use of cell phones and other communication devices while driving has intensified the problem. Within the last two decades, the automotive industry has started developing technical systems with the goal to assist the driver, accordingly increasing the driving comfort and driving safety. The basic idea of driver assistance is to support the driver according to her / his expectations. This characteristic can be compared to an electronic co-pilot that assists the driver performing the driving task.
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