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Next generation lane indication/recognition system. Study of Phase II.
C 31203 (In: C 31161 a [electronic version only]) /71 /91 / IRRD E123422
Kobayashi, S. Kamijo, M. Okuno, A. Tsugawa, S. & Katsuki, S.-I.
In: Proceedings of PAL® 2001 - Progress in Automobile Lighting, held at Darmstadt University of Technology, Laboratory of Lighting Technology, September 25-26 2001, Darmstädter Lichttechnik Volume 8, p. 522-545, 2 ref.

Samenvatting Studies focussing on the luminance contrast between the road surface and the carriageway markings in order to evaluate lane recognition systems are described. A system for measuring this contrast using image sensors, and an experimental vehicle capable of collecting environmental data while moving along the highway was manufactured. This vehicle, which uses charged couple device (CCD) cameras, proved effective for evaluating daytime lane recognition performance. The CCD cameras were inadequate for nighttime use. Lane recognition performance was considerably affected by the paving type of the road surface and meteorological conditions. For the covering abstract see ITRD E123380.
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