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Cycle helmet use and effectiveness.
C 30683 [electronic version only]

London, Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), 2004, 5 p., 8 ref.; PACTS Parliamentary Briefing ; PACTS PB05/04

Samenvatting The Protective Headgear for Young Cyclists Bill, a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Eric Martlew MP (Lab, Carlisle), has its second reading debate on Friday 23 April 2004. The Bill would make cycle helmets mandatory for all children under 16. The Bill proposes a new offence of ‘causing or permitting a child under 16 to ride a cycle on a road without protective headgear’. The offence covers all public roads and parks, and applies to parents or guardians of the children and to the owner of the bicycle, if the owner is older than 15. This Parliamentary Briefing summarises some of the key facts about cycle helmet use and effectiveness and the likely impact that a mandatory helmet law would have. The issue of mandatory cycle helmet wearing is a particularly emotive and controversial one within road safety, and debates on the issue are often characterised by entrenched positions. It should be noted that much of the research on cycle helmets has been challenged by those involved in the debate. In this context – and given the complexity of the debate – it would be advisable to follow up some of the references and further reading listed below before reaching a decision on the issue. (Author/publisher)
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