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The effects of large scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas.
C 30602 (In: C 30580 [electronic version only]) /72 /73 / ITRD E123215
Várhelyi, A. Hjälmdahl, M. Risser, R. Draskóczy, M. & Hydén, C.
In: Speed management strategies and implementation - planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal and institutional issues: proceedings of the 15th workshop of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety ICTCT, Brno, Czech Republic, October 23-25, 2002, p. 235-241, ref.

Samenvatting Within the framework of the Swedish national trial with Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) in urban areas, the effects of large scale use of "active accelerator" were evaluated. 284 cars were equipped with the system for a period of 5-11 months in the city of Lund. The driving data of all equipped vehicles were logged with regard to time and speed, both before and after activating the system. Driver behaviour and workload were studied with the help of an instrumented vehicle. Possible system effects, such as speeds, interactions with other road-users and driving against red were studied in the field. Possible changes in driver attitudes and acceptance were studied by interviews. The results revealed that test drivers' compliance with the speed limits increased both according to their own statements and objective measurements. At this stage practically no negative compensatory effects could be found. For the covering abstract see ITRD E123193.
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