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A wheel model for the study of the wheel angle measurement in the periodic motor vehicle inspection.
C 30562 [electronic version only] /90 / ITRD E120444
Diaz, V. Ramirez, M. & Munoz, B.
International Journal of Vehicle Design, Vol. 34 (2004), No. 3, p. 297-308, 10 ref.

Samenvatting During the periodic motor vehicle inspection, the sideslip tester plays an important role as it enables the checkout of the wheels alignment. Nevertheless, the system has proven to be inaccurate as it is based on a displacement measure and doesn’t consider the weight of the vehicle acting on the wheel. In this paper, the forces in the wheel plate interface have been studied in order to analyse the real influence of the wheel angles in the final lateral force. Experimental data of wheel forces have been recorded by means of a specially designed force plate as a first attempt to evaluate the range of values obtained in this kind of test. (Author/publisher)
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