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The Black Spot Program 1996–2002 : an evaluation of the first three years.
C 30421 [electronic version only]

Canberra, ACT, Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics BTRE, 2001, XVII + 235 p., 42 ref.; BTRE Report ; No. 104 - ISSN 1440-9569 / ISBN 0-642-45693-3

Samenvatting The Federal Government has, since 1990-91, allocated substantial resources through its Black Spot Program to reduce the number and severity of crashes at black spot locations as part of its overall road safety strategy. Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics (BTCE) Report 90 Evaluation of the Black Spot Program published in 1995 evaluated the program that operated from 1990-91 to 1992-93 inclusive. The study found that the Program delivered benefits of four dollars for each dollar of expenditure. As remaining black spots are treated, periodic evaluation is necessary to assist governments to determine if treatment benefits continue to justify the costs. This evaluation relates to the Capital Funding for Black Spots Roads Programme-more generally known as the Federal Road Safety Black Spot Program-that provided $36 million per year in 1996-97 dollars from 1996-97 until 1999-2000. The Program was extended in the 1999-2000 Budget, which provided $40.8 million in 2000-01 and $41.7 million in 2001-02. (A)
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