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Vehicle design - where now? where next?
C 29902 (In: C 29896 [electronic version only]) /91 / ITRD E121178
Walsh, A. & Ward, D.
In: Targets 2010 : no room for complacency : proceedings of a conference on road safety held 10 February 2004, p. 62-68

Samenvatting This paper discusses developments in vehicle safety from passive to active safety systems. An accompanying slide presentation by David Ward carries the same title. The UK government's road safety strategy encourages vehicle improvements to prevent accidents and improve consumer information and new vehicle safety. The Volvo Safety Centre is an example of the investment manufacturers put into safety design: it features a crash laboratory, and computerised crash simulations and component tests. Relevant European legislation includes the EuroNCAP assessments and increased pedestrian protection. The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is described in detail: computer control takes information from sensors around the car, especially the yaw sensor, and automatically corrects its steering by braking or reducing power. Anti-lock braking and traction control are incorporated. Other systems include the Intelligent Protection System and active braking. An example is given of the way all the systems interact in one make of car. For the covering abstract see ITRD E121172.
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