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Richtlijnen en aanbevelingen voor de behandeling van verkeersonveiligheid binnen effectrapportage : studie verkeersonveiligheid in MER/MOBER en rol van andere relevante beleidsinstrumenten. [Guidelines and recommendations for tackling traffic unsafety within impact assessment : study of traffic unsafety in MER/MOBER and rol of other relevant policy instruments.]
C 29664 [electronic version only]
Lammar, P. & Hens, L.
Diepenbeek, Steunpunt Verkeersveiligheid bij Stijgende Mobiliteit, 2004, 95 p., 36 ref.; Rapportnummer RA-2004-36

Samenvatting By considering traffic safety during the planning of projects expensive traffic safety measures can be avoided afterwards during the operation phase. A number of policy instruments can be used to this purpose. This report primarily focuses on the integration of traffic safety within impact assessment, in particular environmental impact assessment (EIA) and mobility impact assessment. Methodologically, a selection of environmental impact statements (EIS) and mobility impact reports are reviewed for traffic safety, as well the discussion of this aspect as the respective quality. Respectively, Flemish, Brussels and Dutch environmental impact statements were studied. Because there is no need to consider traffic safety for all projects requiring environmental impact assessment, the selection was limited to projects which result in the guiding (e.g. roads) or generation (e.g. big recreational or tourist facilities, industrial projects) of traffic. (Author/publisher) The report is available at: http://www.steunpuntverkeersveiligheid.be/en/node/355
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