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Treating the chronic DUI offender : "Turning Point" ten years later.
C 28836 [electronic version only]
Pratt, T.C. Holsinger, A.M. & Latessa, E.J.
Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 28 (2000), No. 4, p. 271-281, 23 ref.

Samenvatting Many different types of treatment have been implemented to treat the behaviour of chronic drunk drivers. Of particular interest to policymakers have been the possible long-term effects of specific correctional interventions. The Turning Point Multiple DUI (driving under the influence) Treatment Program was designed to treat the chronic DUI offender. Previous analyses of the program, conducted by Langworthy and Latessa, revealed moderate to substantial treatment effects over one-year and four-year follow-up periods; although the treatment effect seemed to diminish in strength with the longer follow-up period. The current research presents the results of a ten-year follow-up outcome evaluation of the original "Turning Point" cohort and the original comparison group. The results indicate a stronger and more stable treatment effect than in the previous analysis. Implications for policy and program development were discussed. (Author/publisher)
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