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Predicting Driving Under the Influence DUI recidivism. Volume 2: the incremental utility of non-driver record factors.
C 28747 [electronic version only] /83 /
Marowitz, L.A.
Sacramento, CA, California Department of Motor Vehicles DMV, Division of Program and Policy Administration, Research and Development Section, 1996, X + 35 p., 17 ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-96-164

Samenvatting The purpose of this study is to determine if factors not found on the driver record are significant predictors of driving under the influence (DUI) recidivism in the presence of factors found on the driver record. Non-driver record factors of two types, each from a different source, are analysed: a) the first type of factor is related to the assessment of alcohol dependency. The data were provided by the Substance Abuse Assessment Unit of the Municipal Court of El Cajon, California; and b) the second type of factor is related to demographic and lifestyle factors. The data were provided by San Diego County (California) Alcohol and Drug Services. (Author/publisher)
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