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A review of literature and trials of intelligent speed adaptation devices for light and heavy vehicles.
C 28602 [electronic version only] /72 /85 / ITRD E210286
Regan, M.A. Young, K. & Haworth, N.
Haymarket, NSW, AUSTROADS, 2003, VIII + 65 p., 53 ref.; AP-R237/03 - ISBN 0-85588-682-X

Samenvatting The implementation of intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence and severity of road trauma in Australia and overseas. This report reviews the available literature and trials involving ISA from Australia and around the world, with particular emphasis on evaluating the potential road safety benefits and human factors issues associated with the different variants of ISA for both light and heavy vehicles. The technology and infrastructure required for the deployment of ISA systems and the advantages and disadvantages of these are discussed, as is the flexibility of different ISA systems to vary the speed to which vehicles are limited across different road networks and under different weather conditions. The costs and benefits of implementing ISA limiting systems for all vehicles and for heavy vehicles in particular are also assessed and various approaches to the implementation of ISA systems in Australia are discussed, with reference to both heavy and light vehicles. Finally, recommendations are made for further research on ISA systems. (Author/publisher)
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