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Driver distraction : a review of the literature.
C 28599 [electronic version only] /83 /82 / ITRD E210280
Young, K. Regan, M. & Hammer, M.
Clayton, Victoria, Monash University, Accident Research Centre MUARC, 2003, XI + 52 p., 104 ref.; MUARC Report ; No. 206 - ISBN 0-7326-1715-4

Samenvatting This report provides a comprehensive review of the current research on driver distractions deriving from within the vehicle. The impact of technology ( example mobile phones and route guidance systems) and non technology-based distractions (example eating, smoking and conversing with passengers) on driving performance is examined and the relative influence of these distractions on driving is discussed. Whilst the full extent to which distraction is a causal factor in vehicle crashes in Australia is not yet known, there is converging evidence that it likely to be a significant problem here. The various methods that have been employed to measure driver distraction are examined and those measurement techniques that appear most promising in being able to accurately measure in-vehicle distraction are identified. In the final section of the report, recommendations for research and for the management of driver distraction are provided as a first step in stimulating development of a national agenda for dealing with this issue. (Author/Publisher)
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