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Bullies behind the wheel : how your reactions to aggressive drivers can cause road rage, or prevent it !
C 28571
Shorey, J.
Greenwood Village, CO, Singleton Press, 2001, 132 p., 3 ref. - ISBN 0-9711724-0-4

Samenvatting How much time do you spend driving every day? One hour? Two hours or more? During that time, how often does another driver do something unsafe around you: tailgates you, cuts you off, merges improperly, brakes sharply, and so on? If incidents like these happen only twice a day, that still adds up to 12 or more every week. Any one of those could cause a serious accident that involves you. When did you decide to let every dim bulb with a driver’s license screw up your life? Aggressive Drivers don’t have to run you off the road to ruin your day. Even if they only make you mad enough to lose your temper, why let a stranger have any control over your life? Since you don’t want Aggressive Drivers messing you up, learn to handle them in a way that gives you control instead of them. As traffic in our cities increase, you face more risks that Aggressive Drivers — Bullies Behind the Wheel — will do something dimwitted that involves you. Though you can’t change them, you can control how you react to them. Aggressive drivers don’t cause Road Rage — you do. It takes two to tangle; you can make it worse, or you can make it go away. This book tells you how. (Author/publisher)
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