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Seeking a reduction in aggressive driving through different strategies.
C 28480 (In: C 28476 S [electronic version only]) /83 / ITRD E821263
Raub, R.A. Wark, R.I. & Lucke, R.E.
In: Human performance : models, intelligent vehicle initiative, traveler advisory and information systems, Transportation Research Record TRR 1803, p. 22-29, 18 ref.

Samenvatting Reducing the likelihood of aggressive driving can provide a safer and less demanding travel environment for all road users. However, attempts to develop appropriate responses have been thwarted by a number of issues. Most prominent has been the need for an adequate and consistent definition. With a definition in place, measuring occurrences of aggressive driving, linking the behavior to crashes, and designing interventions are made easier. However, a better understanding of a definition is needed. Efforts undertaken to reach a consensus of what constitutes aggressive driving are discussed, and general responses that can be taken are indicated. Highway safety experts responded to a series of scenarios, identifying those they believed to be aggressive behavior. The findings from the survey show that most respondents agree that aggressive driving is behavior that is selfish or unsafe. It also directly affects other road users, or is directed against those users or traffic control devices. While traffic law violations can be part of the behavior, they are not necessarily a key indicator. Respondents then were asked to identify long-term corrective action. Education and engineering actions sometimes were more important than enforcement. This does not exclude enforcement and prompt punishment to stop acts in progress, but places them in a wider context of actions. A basis for designing countermeasures is provided. An important overall strategy is the need to have an interdisciplinary approach to aggressive driving that combines enforcement, engineering, and education to seek appropriate solutions.
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