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Drunk driving : seeking additional solutions.
C 28114 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E820869
Hedlund, J.H. & McCartt, A.T.
Washington, D.C., American Automobile Association AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 2002, 86 p., 116 ref.

Samenvatting Drunk driving remains a prominent cause of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths. Though drunk driving decreased significantly over the past 20 years, the decrease leveled out in 1994. The year 2000 saw the first increase in fatalities caused by drunk drivers since 1995. This study examines why drunk driving has not decreased since 1995 and it explores the measures that can be taken to decrease it further. This study recommends practical and effective actions to undertake to improve the control of drunk drivers. It presents three strategies to help implement the recommended actions.
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