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Screening for drivers under the influence of drugs : the new drugwipe ® for sweat and saliva testing.
C 27948 (In: C 27945) /83 / ITRD E201124 (also at CD-ROM C 27890/C27945/C28028)
Aberl, F. & Zimmermann, R.
In: Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety : proceedings of the 16th ICADTS International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety T'2002, Montreal, Canada, August 4-9, 2002, Volume 2, p. 365-370, 5 ref.

Samenvatting Drugwipe is a pen-size detector for invisible traces of drugs on surfaces and was initially developed for Customs applications. Since 1998 Drugwipe is in use by German Traffic Police Forces to identify Drivers under the Influence of Drugs. In the following paper the experiences of the German traffic police and data from controlled studies with Drugwipe are summarized. Also an improved product generation of DrugWipe is presented. The 2nd generation Drugwipe is specifically developed for traffic control applications taking into consideration the comments and experiences of the traffic police in Germany and other European Countries. (Author/publisher) For the covering abstract of the conference see ITRD Abstract No. E201067.
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