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Technology: Bosch rolls out the future.
C 26850 [electronic version only] /91 /96 / ITRD E111845
Crosse, J.
Automotive World, May 2001, p. 46-47

Samenvatting This article looks at the new developments in vehicle technology being produced by one supplier, Bosch. These include an active cruise control system which uses long-range radar sensors. In the future short-range radar should be combined with video sensing to deliver driver information including automated vehicle intervention. Active intervention is also being developed, including pre-crash sensing systems, expected in 2004. New restraint techniques feature reversible belt-tighteners. Short-range radar will warn drivers of danger. Advanced engine technology improves cooling efficiency, controlling the temperature of oil and power steering fluid more accurately, and advanced thermal management of the engine operating temperature can deliver a five per cent improvement in fuel consumption through faster warm-up, avoiding overcooling at part-loads.
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