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Speed management.
C 26777 (In: C 26763) /73 /82 / ITRD E118910
Pasanen, E.
In: COST Action C6 - A city for pedestrians : policy-making and implementation - final report, 2003, p. 203-210, 11 ref.

Samenvatting This paper looks at the effects of speed control on pedestrian accidents and fatalities and at some measures taken to restrict traffic speed. Increased driving speed increases the risk of pedestrian accidents: however, speed control is strongly resisted by drivers, and educational programmes have little impact. A maximum speed of 30 kph is recommended for central urban and residential areas. Speed humps are not seen to be as effective at reducing pedestrian accidents as speed camera enforcement or automatic speed control devices in cars. Legislation needs to be effectively enforced. Speed camera use often does not raise significant revenue. Modern technology can administer all aspects of a speed camera system efficiently. For the covering abstract see ITRD E118896.
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