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The European New Car Assessment Programme : an experiment to broaden?
C 26743 (In: C 26714 [electronic version only]) /83 /91 / ITRD E118946
Billingsley, S.
In: Safe and sustainable transport : a matter of quality assurance, OECD, 2003, p. 216-219

Samenvatting This paper reviews European standards of safety in new vehicles, roads, drivers and accident prevention, from the basis of the European New Car Assessment Programme. This awards star ratings to vehicles according to the level of occupant safety. The programme is popular with the consumer as it provides comparison between similar designs of car. The author considers the possibility of transferring the concept to the safety of roads to encourage improvements; to driver training and information to reduce human error; and to in-vehicle accident prevention systems such as collision avoidance systems. For the covering abstract see ITRD E118917.
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