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Safety enhancement by intelligent safety transport systems : the "ADVISORS" project.
C 26742 (In: C 26714 [electronic version only]) /91 / ITRD E118945
Wiethoff, M.
In: Safe and sustainable transport : a matter of quality assurance, OECD, 2003, p. 201-215, 14 ref.

Samenvatting In Europe, many deaths and injuries each year are the cost of today's road traffic. Therefore, it is wise to look for possible solutions for enhancing traffic safety. Some Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are expected to increase safety, but they may also evoke new safety hazards. Only empirical data on driver behaviour will justify claims of these ADAS. The ADVISORS project is aimed at development of a methodology for testing, devising implementation strategies and evaluating a number of ADAS which are promising on safety, road network efficiency and reducing environmental load. It became clear from studies on identifying the causes of accidents that many accidents are a result of misjudgement of driver's actions and actions of other traffic participants. An analysis on theoretical approaches has shown that a few systems, in particular intelligent speed adaptation and vision enhancement systems and also navigation systems could have a beneficial effect on road safety. Some of these systems are in the process of testing in pilot tests: on the road and in driving simulators. For the covering abstract see ITRD E118917.
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