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Inspection of vehicles for road worthiness with special reference to methods and equipment.
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Grime, G. & Lister, R.D.
Instituut of Mechanical Engineers, 1958.

Samenvatting An important section of the Road Traffic Act 1956 makes provision for the compulsory periodic inspection of road vehicle. This paper discusses some of the considerations involved, with special reference to the need for inspection, the items to be inspected, and the frequency of inspection. Descriptions are given of measuring braking lighting performance and, although for steering there is no commercial equipment with which a rapid assessment of the effects of wear and deterioration can be made, an experimental arrangement is described.Several other items which it is important to inspect can only be assessed in terms of individual judgement which may never the less give valuable result. The accuracy and consistency of an assessment made by means of test equipment is affected by variability due to untercontrollee factor and by the accuracy with which the various parts of the operation can be performed. The equipment has been examined from this standpoint and the result are given. Some of the facts which have be considered in arriving at standards and test procedures are indicated and discussed.
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