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TRL Annual Research Review 2002.
C 26226 /10 /23 /24 /61 /72 /80 /91 / ITRD E118297

Crowthorne, Berkshire, Transport Research Laboratory TRL, 2003, VI + 142 p., 60 ref.

Samenvatting The articles in the 2002 TRL Annual Review are: the performance of integral bridge abutments (D Carder); improving vehicle-to-vehicle compatibility in frontal collisions- the development of test procedures and performance criteria (H Davies, M Edwards and A Hobbs); development of a novel traffic calming surface to reduce environmental noise nuisance (G Watts, R Stait, N Godfrey, and R Layfield); the development of HARRIS - a system for road surface condition monitoring at traffic speed (B Ferne, A Wright and J Pynn); an experimental assessment of urban adaptive cruise control (ACC) system ( N Brook-Carter, A Parkes, P Burns and T Kersloot); estimating origin to destination travel patterns by automatically reading licence plates (B Frith and T Sutch); the roots of driver behaviour towards cyclists (S Reid and L Basford); and managing road safety in developing countries (G Jacobs and A Aeron-Thomas). For abstracts of these papers see C 26227 - C 26234 (ITRD E118298-E118305).
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