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Evaluation of the proposed actions emanating from road safety audits.
C 26092 [electronic version only] /82 / ITRD E208030
Macaulay, J. & McInerney, R.
Haymarket, NSW, AUSTROADS, 2002, 93 p., 31 ref.; AP-R209/02 - ISBN 0-85588-630-7

Samenvatting Managing road safety risk is now, more than ever, a critical function of road asset owners. The ARRB Transport Research and Austroads developed "Road Safety Risk Manager" will provide authorities with a powerful tool to manage, prioritise and track the status of road safety issues on their networks. Road safety practitioners have expressed a need to have more confidence in prioritising road safety engineering treatments. These treatments can be generated through standard road safety programs, black-spot assessments, community initiation, road safety audits at the design stage or for reviews on existing road sections. The Road Safety Risk Manager process has been developed to provide road safety professionals with a tool to proactively assess road safety hazards and treatments for the purpose of prioritising actions. The tool adopts a risk management approach, with the ultimate aim of maximising the risk reduction on the road network for a given budget. The primary outcome of the research is the Road Safety Risk Manager software. (Author/publisher)
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