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External-to-vehicle driver distraction.
C 26033 [electronic version only]
Wallace, B.
Edinburgh, Scottish Executive, Central Research Unit (CRU), 2003, II + 76 p.; Transport Research Series - ISSN 0950-2254 / ISBN 0-7559-3573-X

Samenvatting This report presents the findings of a literature review of all available literature published in English since 1945 on the subject of external-to-vehicle driver distraction. The report was carried out by Human Factors Analysts Ltd. (HFAL) on behalf of the Scottish Executive between December 2002 and March 2003. The research consisted of three main elements. First, a general review of the literature pertaining to driver distraction. Second, a review of literature specifically concentrating on external-to-vehicle distraction. And finally, a review of literature pertaining to billboards and signs as an external distracter, in an attempt to discover whether there is evidence that billboards and signs are a contributory factor to road accidents. (Author/publisher)
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