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The interaction between speed camera enforcement and speed-related mass media publicity in Victoria.
C 25993 [electronic version only] /73 /82 / ITRD E209661
Cameron, M. Newstead, S. Diamantopoulou, K. & Oxley, P.
Clayton, Victoria, Monash University, Accident Research Centre MUARC, 2003, XIV + 116 p., 45 ref.; MUARC Report ; No. 201 - ISBN 0-7326-1710-3

Samenvatting The objective of this study was to measure the presence of any interaction between the effect of mobile covert speed camera enforcement and the effect of intensive mass media road safety publicity with speed-related themes. Previous research had shown the individual effect of each of these powerful road safety programs in Victoria, but had not been able to conclusively assess their interaction effect. It was concluded that there was no evidence of an interaction between the effects of speed camera ticketing and speed-related publicity awareness on the frequency of casualty crashes. The effect of speed-related publicity during 1996-2000 was due to advertising with emotive styles. This research questions strategic principles suggesting that speed camera enforcement and speed-related mass media publicity should operate together to produce maximum effect. However, the study considered changes in speed camera hours of only one month duration. Longer periods of increased speed camera activity may produce greater effects and different interactions with mass media publicity. (Author/publisher)
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