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Cost-benefit analysis of safety measures for vulnerable and inexperienced road users : Workpackage 5 of EU-project Development and Promotion of Measures to Reduce the Risks of Injury to Vulnerable Road Users and Inexperienced Drivers and Riders PROMISING (Promotion of Measures for Vulnerable Road Users).
C 25989 /10 /82 / ITRD E118470
Elvik, R.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TOI, 1999, XIV + 88 p., 46 ref.; TOI Report ; No. 435/1999 - ISSN 0802-0175 / ISBN 82-480-0097-4

Samenvatting This report documents the work done on Work Package 5, Cost-Benefit Analysis, of the EU-project "Development and promotion of measures to reduce the risks of injury to vulnerable road users and inexperienced drivers and riders" (project acronym PROMISING). This project was carried out during the period from January 1998 to June 1999. The main contractor for the PROMISING project was the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research in Leidschendam, The Netherlands. (Author/publisher)
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