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Evaluation of the drugs driving tv advert.
C 24896 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E117377
Ormston, R.
Edinburgh, Scottish Executive, Development Department, 2003, 39 p., 3 ref.; Transport Research Series - ISSN 0950-2254 / ISBN 0-7559-3508-X

Samenvatting This report presents the findings of research evaluating a recent TV advert aimed at discouraging people from driving under the influence of drugs ('drug driving'). The evaluation was carried out by NFO Social Research on behalf of the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Road Safety Campaign between July and September 2002. The research consisted of three elements. Firstly, questions were included in the Scottish Opinion Survey (SOS) in June 2002 to establish baseline levels of awareness and understanding of the advert. Secondly, a separate survey of Scottish drivers was carried out between late July and early September 2002 to provide more detailed data on reactions to the advert and on individual experiences of drug driving. Finally, a series of qualitative interviews, including both paired depth interviews and peer focus groups, were carried out with 17-24 year-olds in September 2002 to explore attitudes towards the advert in more detail. (Author/publisher)
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