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Development and promotion of Advanced Safety Vehicle.
C 24682 (In: C 22454 CD-ROM) /10 /72 / ITRD E115917
Kume, M.
In: From vision to reality : proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Turin, Italy, 6-9 November 2000, 4 p.

Samenvatting The Ministry of Transport of Japan is promoting research and development of ASV (advanced safety vehicle) as one of its various policies aimed at the early realisation of ITS. In Phase 2 of the ASV Research Development Promotion Project, started in the 1996 fiscal year, the focus has been on the study on requirements for optimal human interface design for presenting all sorts of information to drivers, etc. and on the review of conformity-compatibility with infrastructure. Effectiveness of ASV technology in reducing the number of accidents has also been estimated. This paper describes, among other items, the effectiveness of ASV technology in reducing the number of accidents, "Demo 2000" - a demonstration of the prototypes, etc. to be presented as a result of the Phase 2 ASV Project, "Smart Cruise 21" - a proving test aimed at the review of conformity-compatibility with infrastructure, and future plans. For the covering abstract see ITRD E114174.
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